Laura + Andy | Waterside Pavilion & Ethos Wedding

I don’t know how to put into words how amazing and heartfelt the wedding of Laura¬†+ Andy (owners of Once Was Lost) was. ¬†From the moment we met I knew it was going to be special because of the love and warmth they show everyone they meet.

Their day was an intimate gathering of their nearest and dearest, a snow covered mountain on a clear winter’s day, an Ethos shared plate dinner and the most amazing dessert I have ever experienced.

Laura + Andy’s wedding can also be seen in this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan Bride x

  1. Goregeous Sarah, I love the idea of their meal at the long table.

  2. Lisa

    Amazing Sarah! And what a delightful wedding! Oh….and I hope this is the first of many more blog posts to come! : ) xx

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