Sarah & George | Meadowbank Estate Wedding

Ridiculously long blog post… but  Sarah and George… I love them!

From the moment I first met Sarah and George I knew they were special.  You will never meet a more gorgeous, kind, sweet and generous couple.

Married on a 40+ degree day last summer at Meadowbank Estate, fires cast a hazy golden glow across the vineyards.  I left their wedding with sore cheeks from laughing and smiling all day.  Sarah, George and their amazing family and friends made me feel so welcome and I loved spending time with them all.

Thank you Sarah and George for being so beautiful, inside and out x


Jonas Peterson Workshop | Brisbane QLD

Last week I was one lucky girl.  I attended the Jonas Peterson Workshop in Brisbane with an amazing group of people.

And it was awesome.

Not only did I get to spend two days with the master Jonas in his gorgeous home studio, but also with his sweet fiance Jacqui and the super talented and hilarious Todd Hunter McGaw and Alyda McGaw.

Jonas is one talented man and I have taken away so much from my time with him, beautifully different to the lessons I expected to come away with.  And I swear Todd is a genius, I learnt so much from him just chatting at the workshop dinner… and my brain then proceeded to melt with information overload.  They were all so beautiful and willing to share anything and everything about their paths to awesomeness.

I think the biggest thing I have learnt from the workshop is “you are your own edge”.  How I see things and who I am is what makes me different and I need to embrace that, trust my instincts and run with it.

I read in Russh magazine on my plane ride home “We learnt that individuality is bravery.  That keeping it real is not about being radical at all, but doing what is true.”  It couldn’t have been more fitting.

I’m going to bring more of what I love into my work.  I hope you love it too x


Here are a few of my shots from the workshop ‘live shoot’ …